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Running Medals and Trophies for Marathons and Half Marathons Across the UK

Go beyond the ordinary with our exclusive range of running trophies. From sleek silhouettes celebrating speed to intricate designs showcasing half-marathon successes, we have awards for track meets, marathons, and race days in Lincolnshire and across the UK. Available in gold, silver, and bronze, each running medal can be personalised with race times, event names, or inspirational messages. Our complimentary engraving services make your awards truly unforgettable. Every trophy and medal is meticulously produced in house by our dedicated team in Lincolnshire, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. No matter where your race takes place, we’ll ensure your awards arrive promptly and securely anywhere in the UK.

Make Your Next Race a Success

Our team of passionate enthusiasts is always on hand to help. Contact us for assistance with customisation, bulk orders, or any other questions you may have. From marathons and half marathons across the UK to local school sports days in Lincolnshire, we are your go-to partner for personalised running medals and trophies to celebrate every runner’s spirit. Browse our running awards collection today or contact us for a free consultation, we are here to help.